Coronavirus care advice

The care industry has been facing unprecedented pressure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this you may want to have a contingency plan in place to support your elderly relatives who are receiving care now or may need care in the coming months. Below you can find advice and guidance from some of our experts at Care Sourcer on what you can do to help your loved ones during this time.

Our care experts include:

  • Co-founder and care industry expert Andrew Parfery.
  • Jenna, who is part of our care matching team and previously worked as a carer and care team manager.

Unsure how to arrange care during COVID?

Our UK care experts can help you understand what type of care is available, negotiate the complexities of arranging care during the coronavirus pandemic, and even find care in as little as 24 hours if needed.

Call today for a free consultation and to learn how Care Concierge can take the stress out of finding care, starting at just £60.

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Care Sourcer’s team of friendly UK care experts: Becci, Kim, Elaine, Jenna

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