Coronavirus Lockdown Advice for the Elderly

Please note: this information was last updated on 31st March 2020 – please consult government guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

As of March 23rd 2020, the UK government has requested that people stay at home for three weeks, to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. You may only leave your home for ‘very limited purposes’.

This is a very worrying time for many, especially if you are in one of the most at risk demographics – the elderly. Therefore we wanted to help clarify what the period of “lockdown” really means for you.

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Elderly Lockdown Advice FAQ

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Does the Coronavirus lockdown mean I will no longer receive care at home?

No, your care at home provider will be working very hard to ensure you receive the same excellent care that you do normally. However, it is likely that they may become stretched in the future if some of their carers are no longer able to make it to work Your provider will be planning for this. It is recommended that you speak directly to your care provider to understand their plans and how these will impact you. However, you can rest assured that every means will be taken to ensure you receive any urgent care you need.

Will my care at home visits be reduced due to the Coronavirus lockdown?

It is possible that as the Coronavirus outbreak progresses throughout the UK your care provider may be placed under further strain and as such may need to reduce visits. However, this will not be a direct outcome of the lockdown. It is recommended that you speak with your care provider to understand their plans and the impact these may have on you.

Can my friends and family visit me during the Coronavirus lockdown?

No. Whilst this may be a very lonely and worrying time, unfortunately the best method to control this virus quickly is to limit social contact, especially for the elderly who are at greatest risk from this. Therefore, only those who are providing your care or help will be able to visit at this time. Please do however, stay in contact with friends and family over this time via phone calls or video chats where possible.

As an elderly person can I go outside during the Coronavirus lockdown?

During lockdown it is important that you stay at home, and even more importantly if you are an elderly person who is at greater risk of this virus. For fresh air please open windows etc, and where possible try to stay mobile with light indoor exercise.

During lockdown, as an elderly person, can I still go to the supermarket?

Many supermarkets have recently dedicated some time for vulnerable people, that includes the elderly, to do their shopping. It is recommended that you review your local supermarkets website for details on when this is. However, please remember as we are in a lockdown period it is strongly advised that you limit these trips where possible and only go if essential. Where possible it would be recommended to ask a relative, neighbour or friend, who is not in the most vulnerable demographic, if they would be able to go for you instead or use a delivery service. Many supermarkets are prioritising deliveries to the elderly. We recommend calling your local supermarket to see if you can have your delivery fast tracked.

I receive care at home, is it safe for my carers to visit me in my home during the Coronavirus outbreak?

If you are receiving care at home, it is still safe for your carer(s) to enter your home to provide essential care. While this is a worrying time and we are being advised to limit social interactions, you should still be receiving any essential care you require. All care workers will be following very strict guidelines on hygiene to reduce the risk of infection during your visits. 

However, it is likely that your home care provider may become very stretched in the coming weeks. The number of visits you receive, or the length of your visits may be reduced to only what is essential during this time. If you think you can manage with fewer home visits, or that your loved ones can take on some caring duties, making your provider aware of this will allow them to better manage care for everyone.

I am self isolating, is it possible to get care support to help me with shopping?

Being self isolated comes with lots of difficulties and worries, including how to get you shopping or collect your pension etc. There are care at home providers located throughout the UK that will be able to help support you with this. Enter your postcode here to search and compare care providers in your local area who will be able to help.

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