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Carr Gomm Support Services 3


  • Good - Regulator's rating
  • Heather King - Agency manager

Owner's description

Carr Gomm is a person-centred organisation that supports people to lead their lives safely and to do the things they want to do: in day-to-day living, in planning for the future and in realising dreams. We do this by providing support at home and in supported services which are delivered by highly trained and committed workers.

Our Aims
1. To provide sustainable person-centred services which fit with our Mission and Business Plan;
2. To secure our culture within the organisation by ensuring clarity about what we do and how we do it;
3. To ensure we can evidence the standard of service we provide for internal management and to regulators and commissioners;
4. To have systems that help people we support to be more in control of their support;
5. To use our knowledge and skills to diversify into new areas of work and funding sources.

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Regulator's inspection rating

Overall Good

Last inspection

24 Dec 2019

Care and support
Very good
Not assessed
Management and leadership
Very good
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