Frequently Asked Questions


Can I speak to someone on the telephone?

Yes, we have a helpline which is open during office hours: 0845 050 3317.


Who is Care Sourcer for?

Care Sourcer is for people who are looking for care and support in their own home or in a care home. You can enter your details to find care for yourself or for someone else, if you have their permission.


How is Care Sourcer different from other web sites saying they match care?

Care Sourcer is a matching tool between a care seeker and care providers who can meet the needs of the care request. It is not a directory of care providers, like some other sites, but an interactive tool which gives the care seeker control. You enter whether you are looking for care at home or a care home and then put in further details to help care providers check if they can match your request.


Is there a cost to a care seeker to register and put a care request on

No, this service is free.


How are care providers verified on

When a care provider registers on, we go through a verification process to check the following:

  • That the organisation is registered with the Care Inspectorate
  • That only the registered manager or the business owner of a registered care provider is opening a Care Sourcer account

Once we are satisfied that they meet these requirements, they have verified status on and will be able to view care seeker requests.


How quick is the process?

Once you have registered and entered your details, care providers registered on our site will be able to access your request immediately. Your request will be live for 10 days on the site and during that time Care Providers will have access to your request.


How can I pay for care?

There are 3 main ways in which care seekers pay for care. The care seeker may:

  • Have a budget allocated from the Council and or through health
  • Have private funds
  • Be receiving benefits which could pay for some care
  • or a combination of the above


What is the estimated average cost of care based on?

The estimated cost of care is based on the hourly rate provided by United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA). Every Council and care provider will have a different charge rate. The weekly cost is calculated using this estimated hourly care rate to give you an idea of the total cost per week.


How do I select a care provider?

If you receive a number of offers for your request, you should decide which one most closely matches your needs. You may want to consider the timing of the visits, the length of the visits, the quality grading the organisation has received from the Care Inspectorate, the cost etc. You have control and can make the decisions which best suit you.


What happens if I receive no offers from care providers for care at home?

If you do not receive any offers, you may want to re-activate and amend your request. You might want to look again at the timings and length of visits you have entered on the time table and make changes which would perhaps allow a match.


What happens if I receive no offers from care providers for a care home placement?

If you do not receive any offers, you may want to re-activate and amend your request. You might want to look again at where you have asked for the care home to be located.


I have forgotten my password what do I do next?

You can reset your password by clicking the ‘re-set password’ on the care seeker or care provider login page. You will be asked to enter your email address and, if we have a record of your account, we will send you a link to enable you to re-set your account password with Care Sourcer.


Where can I find your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

You can read them here Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy or access them through


How will you keep my details and information safe?

We have a privacy policy, which you can read on line or download. The policy explains how we will keep your information secure. The privacy policy can be accessed here or on the Care Sourcer site.


Who will have access to my information?

Details of the information we collect and the uses we make of the information are set out in our Privacy Policy. You can read the Privacy Policy here or access it through


Why do you want me to complete feedback?

Feedback will be used to evaluate the success of matches and inform the development of


If I request information regarding assistive technologies at home what will happen?

You may find that assisted technology can help to support you in achieving your outcomes within your budget. We have compiled a booklet of relevant technologies that can assist individuals at home, such as fall alarms, motion sensors, wearable technology, cameras and medication dispensers. We will email or send you a copy of our booklet on request. uses Cookies to provide you with the best experience we can and to continue to improve the site. By using our site, you agree to this use. More information