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How to make the home safe for elderly people

More often than not it’s entirely possible to tweak your existing home and remain where you are into older age. This guide has some practical ways to prepare your home for easier and safer living, including using technology.

What is the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

CQC ratings tell you whether a care provider’s service is deemed to be outstanding, good, requires improvement or is inadequate. This guide explains more about how the CQC inspect and rate providers, and how these ratings can help you to compare services and make choices about care.

Six questions you should ask home care agencies about their services

Searching for care can be a stressful time and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between different care agencies when doing research. To help you find the right care agency for your loved one, we’ve created a list of questions you can ask home care agencies...

Five questions you should ask during your care assessment

Firstly, you are not being assessed. The agency is assessing if they are able to carry out the care and you are assessing if the agency is suitable for you and your loved one. Use this as an opportunity to get to know the agency and their experience - feel free to ask...

What is domiciliary care? Care at home explained

Domiciliary care is care that is provided in the person’s own home. Sometimes called “care at home” or “home care”, domiciliary care is when a carer either visits you or lives in your own home, in order to be close at hand to support you. Domiciliary care can be appropriate if you require help with practical tasks or personal care but don’t want to move to a care home.

Paying for care at home in Northern Ireland

Domiciliary care providers in Northern Ireland can support your care needs, and you may not even have to pay out of pocket. Learn how care at home works in Northern Ireland.

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