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Three care home marketing trends for 2020

From finding and comparing care homes online to reviewing care services, tech is on the rise. With this in mind, here are my three marketing trends to make sure your care homes are winning and converting online in 2020!

How to prepare for your CQC inspection

Carrying out visits to your premises allows regulatory bodies to observe care and to look at people’s records, to see how their needs are managed. Here’s what to bear in mind before, during and after these inspections

Case study: national care home marketing manager

We want to help you grow your care business. To do this we surface your service to relevant people in need who you can support. Earlier this week, we spoke with the marketing manager of a large national care home group to talk about how Care Sourcer has helped their business.

How to improve your Care Sourcer offers

Some straightforward improvements to the offers you make through the Care Sourcer service can make a real difference when it comes to growing your business. Here’s our top tips for making your offer stand out to people searching for care.