Case study: 60 seconds with a national care home marketing manager

At Care Sourcer, we want to help you grow your care business. To do this we surface your service to relevant people in need who you can support. We spoke with the marketing manager of a large national care home group to talk about how Care Sourcer has helped their business – here’s what they said.

What is your role?

Care Marketing Manager

How many care homes do you work with?

I work for a large care provider based in England with over 100 care homes.

What are the main challenges in your role?

Marketing care homes is rewarding, but it can be challenging. Our job is to tackle those challenges head on. For me, managing occupancy within our care homes is the biggest challenge. Making sure our care homes maintain optimum occupancy rates ensures profitability and allows us to make sure as many people as possible are getting the appropriate care.


Why did you join Care Sourcer?

When it comes to maximising enquiries, we need a system that is effective and easy to navigate. Care Sourcer provides a service we’re not aware of anyone else offering. The site is modern, easy to use and I like the call tracking features. Not only is it a good source of enquiries for us, it’s helping to support people who are looking for care by offering advice and guidance on navigating the care system. Because of this, we can focus on delivering the key selling points of our individual care homes.


Would you recommend Care Sourcer to other care home providers?

I would definitely recommend Care Sourcer. We find it easy to use, which is essential in our busy environment. The system displays all the relevant information about our homes on a simple-to-navigate website, and we receive useful insights into how our homes are performing on the site. The Care Sourcer team are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful – the service has been professional from the outset.

Are you looking to grow your care home business?

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