How long will you wait for care in London?



Once deemed medically fit to leave, it take an average of 10.93 days for a patient to be discharged from a London hospital.

Source: Using the latest patient-level NHS Delayed Transfers of Care Data March 2017 combined with average length of hospital stay.*

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loss of muscle strength per week

Long stays can affect patient morale, mobility, and increase the risk of hospital-acquired infections. A wait of seven days is associated with a 10% decline in muscle strength.

Source: The House of Commons delayed transfers of care in the NHS report, June 2017. 

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The cost to the NHS for London delayed discharges in September 2018 alone

That’s 13,191 delayed days across hospitals in London in September 2018

Contributing to a large portion of the 961 last minute cancelled operations in September 2018.

Sources: NHS Delayed Transfer of Care data, September 2018, Carnal Farrar, NHS Cancelled Operations, September 2018

Delayed days by borough

Number of hospital bed days lost due to delayed discharge in September 2018

700 - 1000
500 - 700
450 - 500
400 - 450
300 - 400
200 - 300
Below 200

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Boroughs with least delayed days

Borough Delayed days in September 2018 Care Sourcer wait times
City of London 12 days 78 minutes
Kingston upon Thames 124 days 23 minutes
Bromley 186 days 80 minutes
Lewisham 197 days 44 minutes
Sutton 219 days 101 minutes
Hammersmith and Fulham 247 days 194 minutes
Bexley 248 days 50 minutes
Kensington and Chelsea 249 days 27 minutes
Hounslow 261 days 129 minutes
Barking and Dagenham 270 days 14 minutes

Source: NHS Delayed Transfers of Care Data, September 2018

Boroughs with most delayed days

Borough Delayed days in September 2018 Care Sourcer wait times
Brent 969 days 211 minutes
Ealing 737 days 23 minutes
Waltham Forest 726 days 41 minutes
Croydon 648 days 42 minutes
Harrow 545 days 39 minutes
Barnet 519 days 122 minutes
Haringey 511 days 68 minutes
Redbridge 503 days 23 minutes
Hackney 486 days 33 minutes
Tower Hamlets 476 days 80 minutes

Source: NHS Delayed Transfers of Care Data, September 2018

Highest cost of delays in London to the NHS

BoroughCost to NHS Care Sourcer potential savings
Brent £289,731.00 £175,403.15
Ealing £220,363.00 £133,407.76
Waltham Forest £217,074.00 £131,416.60
Croydon £193,752.00 £117,297.46
Harrow £162,955.00 £98,652.96
Barnet £155,181.00 £93,946.58
Haringey £152,789.00 £92,498.46
Redbridge £150,397.00 £91,050.34
Hackney £145,314.00 £87,973.10
Tower Hamlets £142,324.00 £86,162.95

Source: Carnal Farrar £299 cost to NHS per patient, per delayed day. NHS Delayed Transfer of Care data, September 2018. Care Sourcer potential saving calculated as 60.54% of total costs, which is the proportion of delayed days attributed to waiting to find care in the home or care in a care home. More about how Care Sourcer works with the NHS

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* The average length of hospital stay is 11.9 days. In a 31 day month, this equates to 2.61 patients using a hospital bed. The NHS last published the ‘number of patients affected by delayed discharge on the last Thursday of the month in March 2017. In order to estimate the number of patients for the month as a whole, this number has been multiplied by 2.61. For example, if on the last Thursday of the month, the NHS reported 7 delayed patients on that Thursday in Barking and Dagenham, this would equate to roughly 18 patients delayed over the month.

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