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Wideway Care Limited - 10a Station Parade


  • Requires improvement - Regulator's rating
  • £12.50 - Starting hourly rate
  • £950.00 - Starting live-in rate per week
  • 1 hour - Minimum visit time
  • Evan Chua - Agency manager

Owner's description

Wideway care has been providing care and supported living since 2001. We have also been providing domiciliary care and Live-in care.
We have also worked with private organisations such as BUPA, Care UK, Four Seasons to mention but a few.
Our Live-in carers are tailored to your needs, which we do through a thorough assessment prior to introducing them to you.
We ensure those you live with make you as comfortable in your own home as you can be. We assess your needs,, social and cultural beliefs etc This ensures we only introduce those you are comfortable and compatible with.
We recommend Live-in carers for those that require more than 12 hour care a daily as it works out cheaper and then you can have 24 hour care. This covers all your domestic needs, personal care, social accompaniment.

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Services and Specialisms

  • Caring for adults over 65 yrs
  • Dementia

Regulator's inspection rating

Overall Requires improvement

Last inspection

01 May 2019

Requires improvement
Requires improvement
Requires improvement
Requires improvement
Well led
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