3 reasons photos are the most important promotional tool for your care home

We speak to care seekers about their experience of searching for and finding care every day. With the increase in people searching for care online, photos are an essential promotional tool that a lot of care homes are not making the most of.

In this guide we’ve shared recordings from recent discussions with care seekers to show: why photos are important, what photos you need to increase your enquiries and how photos help seekers choose your home.

Images are the first thing care seekers look at


“I am super impressed with the imagery here so I click through. Okay, it all looks very clean, very tidy.”

The majority of users we speak with start by looking at the pictures a care home has uploaded. Your photos are often a care seeker’s first impression of your home. They allow people to quickly decide if they’d like to learn more about your home.

You can build a lot of trust and interest by having a few images that show your home is clean and safe. Not including images of your home actively drives clients away, because…

Care seekers don’t trust care homes without images


“I get a list of care homes. I like the fact there are pictures. I don’t trust the ones without pictures really.”

Just like any online browsing experience, be it housing, hotels or even shoes, people avoid listings without photos. Care seekers assume if you’re unwilling to show your home, you must be hiding something.

“It makes me super suspicious. How difficult is it to put a picture? It’s like if you go on the internet and were looking to buy a car and you don’t show me a picture. How would that make you feel?”

Lower quality images give a better impression than no images. In fact, a few pictures of your home taken with a smartphone is all you need to build confidence in your service.

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Care seekers want to understand what life is like in your home


“I know for a fact my aunt would love that garden. The imagery is important because it draws me in.”

Care seekers want to imagine their loved one in your home and feel confident that they will be happy and cared for. It’s less about perfectly lit images of pristine rooms, and more about what life is like for residents in your home.

“Oh there’s only two pictures so that is disappointing. It would be good to see the facilities the rooms and things like that.”

Show your garden and show residents taking in the sun. Show your carers interacting with guests in communal spaces and enjoying dinner together. If you can showcase the positive, caring community you’ve built at your home, you will see your enquiries increase.

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