Coronavirus: how care providers can help

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We can all join forces to help in this crisis

As hospitals become overburdened, helping older people out of hospital and into a care setting is now more vital than ever. We know local authorities are struggling to keep up with this demand so we have offered the use of Care Sourcer’s online service to those in need.

We’re in discussions to help central health authorities and NHS bodies to solve this issue, and find care for those in need. We need you to help.

Offer care to those in need – right now

More and more people are searching for care on as demand for care is quickly rising from hospitals and local authorities.

We’re asking all UK care providers to share their details on the Care Sourcer website so that we can quickly connect people in need to the appropriate care.

Just sign up – we’ll do the rest

We have made registering easier and quicker than ever – we know that your time is critical at this moment. By joining Care Sourcer, people in need will have easy access to your services and can take advantage of any capacity you have. 

As the COVID-19 situation progresses, we’ll be in regular contact to ask you to help us provide care to those in need.

How else can you help?

The more care capacity we can surface across the UK, the more people we can help during this time of crisis. Help the UKHCA and Care Sourcer get more people into the care they need by sharing this page with others who may be able to help.

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Please note: There will be no charge to use the Care Sourcer service during COVID-19 and you will not be charged for care packages you rearrange yourself through Care Sourcer.