If you or your loved one have been advised to join a care home waiting list, hopefully the following commonly asked questions being answered below will give you more of a bearing on this matter. It’s extremely common to feel overwhelmed, especially when you don’t know the timescales you are going to be facing regarding care. 

Can any productive preparations be done while I wait?

Yes there many practicalities you can be addressing and planning for in preparation, logistically it will need this. Practical aspects such as belongings is a main one, ask the care home you or your loved are planning to move to in the coming months about the likelihood of bringing your personal furniture and items. That way you can make a list of all the things that will need to moved there. Finding out their key holiday opening times, whether pets are allowed and the activities that will be available to choose from to name a few are all going to make the move calmer and organised. You may find our article 10 questions you should ask when meeting with potential care providers useful as it details the potential arrangements to be made in more detail.


Are there any alternatives to joining the waiting list?

If you feel your waiting list is potentially too long and you feel concerned for the lack of other options, we at Care Sourcer can find you other care home options. We provide a care matching service so call us on 0800 048 8618 and we will help you find you your best care options.


Can I find out the approximate waiting time ahead of me?

It’s very unlikely to receive an exact or even estimated timeframe, simply as it is so variable and changeable so even if you were given one it is likely to be inaccurate. That doesn’t automatically mean the wait will be longer, it may in fact speed up.


Is there anything I can do to speed up the wait?

Unfortunately, there isn’t, however being organised and prepared are key to process ahead, but take comfort in the fact that you or your loved one is ready.


Where can I get information regarding my rights and further support on this?

  • NHS inform helpline: 0800 22 44 88
  • Citizen’s Advice Scotland: 0808 800 9060
  • Citizen’s Advice UK: 03454 04 05 06

If you want to continue to look for care, Care Sourcer offers a searchable directory of local care agencies. If you need care urgently, we also have a team of care experts who are available by telephone to help guide you through the process.