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Discharge from hospital: understanding the NHS hospital discharge policy

Discharge from hospital can be a much anticipated moment, but some people may feel anxious as hospital discharge approaches. What if I struggle with shopping, meals or medication? The right type of care package can alleviate your concerns about hospital discharge. Learn more about the NHS hospital discharge policy.

7 signs that can help you identify if an elderly person needs assisted living

Do you feel responsible for the wellbeing of an older person? If you start to see signs that an elderly person may need assisted living, or if you’re worried about dementia being a factor, it might be a good time to book a care needs assessment with your relative’s GP or search for a care package. Learn more.

What is a lasting power of attorney? How does power of attorney work in the UK?

Imagine you’ve not established a lasting power of attorney, and you suddenly lose mental capacity. What would happen to your finances and property? Who would decide on your health and wellbeing? A lasting power of attorney can smooth the process of deciding on these issues. Learn how to arrange power of attorney today.

How to compare care homes and evaluate domiciliary care providers

Care home and care at home ratings are important, of course, as is the feedback of friends and family who may have employed similar care services within your preferred area. But you can’t overestimate the value of listening to the voice of the care seeker. Nor should you assume their preferences. Learn more.

In-home care costs in Scotland: your guide to understanding home care package costs

Despite the appeal of having a trusted person who can support you in daily living, you may still be concerned about in-home care costs in Scotland, wondering whether a home care package is affordable. Thankfully, in-home care costs can be funded by the local authority, if you’re aged 65 or over and qualify by need. Learn more.

Paying for care at home and home help services in England

Paying for care at home in England? Discover the cost of care at home services and home help services. Get quick access to fees and funding information for home help services, including personal care and nursing care. Find out how to access free care and support for in-home care. Local authority funding may be available. Learn more.

Care home fees in England: a guide to care home costs and funding

Discover your options for paying care home fees in England. You may be worried about care home costs and how you’ll pay for nursing or residential care home support. Read this guide to understand how much does a care home cost, and whether you may qualify for local authority funding. Learn more.

Paying for a care home if you don’t qualify for local authority funding

Are you preparing to pay for a care home, or supporting a loved one in this process? Even if you don’t qualify for local authority care home funding, there are other ways to pay your care home fees. From arranging care home insurance, to accessing NHS continuing care, find peace of mind in understanding your options.

Care home fees in Scotland: a guide to care home costs and funding

How much are care home fees in Scotland? What about residential care home costs in Scotland? Can care home residents in Scotland access public funding? Find out whether you need to pay for care home funding in Scotland. Get answers in this guide to Scotland care home fees and funding, written by Care Sourcer, for you.

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