When we founded Care Sourcer we knew that we would face challenges to do with access to quality care. Right now the social care system in the UK is experiencing an unprecedented crisis, as the turnover rate of qualified care providers has reached a new high, and the incentives to becoming a provider are dwindling.

This is even more alarming because the elderly population is expected to double over the next two decades. not enough people answering the call to provide care for those later on in life who need assistance, we feel that our resolution to provide a simple, free way to match providers with people seeking their support is more important than ever. Not being able to help people when they needed support was the reason that Care Sourcer began, but the the facts are that right now we are facing the reality that there is an enormous strain on providers, with an urgent need for a solution to the social care funding dilemma.

However, what a BBC News piece “Social care system ‘beginning to collapse’ as 900 carers quit every day” leaves out is that companies like ours are committed to plugging the leaks. We know that there are many hard-working, compassionate care providers in the UK who want to help. So we developed Care Sourcer as a free, confidential tool whereby the person looking for care can browse local care agencies via searchable directory of local care agencies. If you need care urgently, our team of care experts are also available by telephone to guide you through the process. 

While a longterm solution to the funding crisis might not come into fruition in the near future, we can help you find the provider best suited to meet your needs right now. Don’t wait to get yourself or your loved ones the care they deserve.