At a time when Edinburgh is experiencing the highest ever number of over 65s looking for care, it is very easy to overlook the bigger picture of how good some of the homecare services are in your local area. was launched in Edinburgh in June 2016 and has grown to have a provider base that is delivering over 85% of the independent care hours throughout the city. In this time the Care Sourcer team has got to understand the services local care providers are delivering and the quality standard they are achieving.

I have listed below the 5 reasons why care at home providers in Edinburgh are leading the way of best care practice throughout the UK.

Outcome based care

Outcome based assessments and care delivery is the new buzz phrase. The reality is this is a change in mind-set for the whole care sector and won’t be switched on over night. I feel Brightcare Edinburgh branch is one of the best examples of grasping person centred tailored care. They have a unique model in assessing to meet your outcomes in a way that traditional care at home has not been delivered. They are well positioned to grow throughout Scotland and possibly the UK.

Improving Carer Terms

Retention!! Crack that and you have cracked the care sector. Improving staff terms is key to yielding better staff retention and a more quality driven service. If you retain staff you will be able to deliver a more consistent quality driven care service to your service users. Bluebird Care Edinburgh have recently announced a roll out of salaried positions for employees distancing from traditional zero hour contracts. The Bluebird Care Edinburgh branch has also been shortlisted in the 2017 Edinburgh Commerce Business Awards evidencing further the excellent service they deliver.

Maintain quality at scale

Call-In Homecare has been delivering quality driven care in Edinburgh for over 25 years. Established as one of the largest providers in Edinburgh the size of service they have managed to grow to is a credit to the staff and team involved. It is expressed throughout the sector the bigger you become the harder your quality is to maintaining. I feel the size of Call-Ins service and grades achieved in inspections speaks for itself as a well run established provider.

Excellent Care

Edinburgh also hosts one of the Scottish Cares 2016 Care at Home provider of the years finalists. Prestige Nursing + Care Edinburgh branch has achieved Care Inspectorate grades of Excellent, consecutively for 3 years, making them one of Scotland’s highest graded providers ever.

Rising Stars has been fortune enough to work in partnership with new care at home providers starting in Edinburgh. We have seen the growth of Carrick Homecare Service and Sutton Care over the last 7 months and it is refreshing to see new businesses growing from solid foundations of quality driven care. Both company’s owners share the values of wanting to deliver a compact service of high quality for their service users.

These are just some of the reasons why Care Sourcer believes Edinburgh has a great core of quality driven care at home providers. It’s a pleasure helping care seekers being matched to these services and many other of our registered providers knowing they are striving to make a difference.


Care Sourcer offers a free searchable directory of local care agenciesIf you need care urgently, we also have a team of care experts who are available by telephone to help guide you through the process.