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Home care package costs vary across the UK. Select a guide to learn more about domiciliary care in your area.

Home care package costs can vary based on where you live in the UK. We’ve developed a series of guides on what to expect when arranging domiciliary care — otherwise known as home care or care at home — wherever you live within the UK.

Regardless of where you live, you should always prioritise a care needs assessment (sometimes called a community care assessment) to establish the full scope of your care requirements.

Booking an assessment is the first step you should take to ensure your needs will be met in the right care setting, be it at your own home, or in a care home. Completing the assessment also helps ensure you’re following requirements to receive funding.

Find care costs in your area

Use our free care search tool to find care near you – care providers who have immediate availability will give their latest prices.

Home care package costs in England

Do you want to learn more about paying for care at home and home help services in England? The NHS recommends an hourly rate of £17 for care at home. (See note 1.) You may qualify for local authority funding, but if you don’t qualify for this based on financial need, you can still look into Attendance Allowance and funding for home adaptations.


Home care package costs in Scotland

Discover what to expect with in home care costs in Scotland. If you’re aged over 65 and live in Scotland, you should receive free personal care if you’re assessed as requiring it. (See note 2.)


Home care package costs in Wales

Learn more about care at home in Wales, and budgeting for a domiciliary or social care package. Social care is not free, but the Welsh Government caps the amount you may be charged for home care or home help services. (See note 3.)


Home care package costs in Northern Ireland

We can also help you understand the process of finding domiciliary care providers in Northern Ireland. Most care at home is provided free of charge for people who require domiciliary care in Northern Ireland.


Discover your options when a home care package isn’t possible

Unfortunately, care at home may not always be an option. So, if you’re searching instead for care home costs in the UK, we can help with that as well. Wherever your care journey leads, remember that safety, dignity and wellbeing are some of the most important things to look after. Keep this thought at the heart of your decision-making, and you will steer yourself in the direction of compassionate care.



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