care and support

Care and support can be a positive experience if the right planning takes place from the start.

Care support can be a fantastic service when delivered well. But to ensure the combination of care and support works to a high standard, you need to get the planning right.

 This means working out the logistics, from establishing who will act as key points of contact, to who will look after the property and support a range of daily tasks. 

 Either as a family or within your wider support network, we recommend you begin discussing these questions as early as possible in your care journey. 



Care support: 10 logistical questions to ask at the start

  1. If care will be delivered away from home, who will look after the property, at least in the short-term?
  2. Who will serve as the main point of contact?
  3. Who should manage the budget?
  4. Who will look after any pets?
  5. Has a will or power of attorney been arranged?
  6. Who can help with laundry and housekeeping?
  7. Who will attend the care needs assessment and review meeting? 
  8. Who is going to visit, and has a timetable been established?
  9. Who will be responsible for managing appointments?
  10. How can I/we help myself/each other through this time?


Care and support enable safety and wellbeing


Achieving the right care and support is a journey. You may have been on this journey for a while, or you may be new to it, but safety and wellbeing should always be at the heart.

For some people, the idea of starting a care package can represent uncomfortable change. They may not be ready to talk about it, let alone accept it. We can help you understand how to broach the subject of care. The support of a GP, for example, can help this conversation. You may also benefit from working out what specific concerns exist, and identifying a range of options to help address these concerns.

As the topic of care becomes more realistic, you may want to start researching local information. To support you in this process, we’ve written a series of guides on home care package costs in the UK, as well as care home costs in the UK. Costs can vary across the UK, but funding may be available. You can also learn more about how to compare care providers.

If you decide to look for care, Care Sourcer offers a free searchable directory of local care agencies. If you need care urgently, we also have a team of care experts who are available by telephone to help guide you through the process.