Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand how Care Concierge works, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered, please contact us on 0800 088 5620 should you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!

KareHero Concierge FAQs

How can I refer a client to KareHero Concierge?

You can do this by clicking here to complete a referral form for each client you wish to refer. Your referral will be submitted confidentially to KareHero and will only be accessible to our team of care experts. We will send the invited client an personalised email inviting them to download our digital app and arrange a call with the care expert team

If I have already spoken to KareHero / Care Sourcer about my client, do I still need to fill out a referral form?

Yes we do still require a referral form for each client that you wish to refer. This is to ensure we accurately capture all relevant information and that we have the correct permissions from your client to be able to reach out and contact them.

If I want to give KareHero background information regarding my client before referring, how can I do this?

The easiest way to do this is to enter all information that you feel is relevant for our care experts in the free text box on the referral form. This information will not be shared with anyone else and is stored confidentially. Alternatively, if you do feel it is vital that you speak with one of our care experts before we reach out and contact your client, you can email us further information at or call us on 0800 088 5620.

What is the advantage of me referral if I am SOLLA qualified? What can you do for my client that I have not already?

Our service is dedicated to helping your clients understand, find and fund care. Our app and care experts work in tandem to help your client and their family navigate the system. We share information back with you at each step, allowing you to concentrate on supporting your client with the best possible financial products and advice.

How soon will KareHero get in touch with my client after I have made the referral?

Once we have received your referral, we will be in touch with them within 48 hours.

Will KareHero keep me up to date with the progress of my client’s case?

Absolutely! We know how important it is to be kept informed of your client’s progress with us. Once your client embarks on a journey with KareHero / Care Sourcer we will first confirm to you that your referral has been received, and update you with the outcome of the engagement. We will also always try to give you an indication at this point of an estimated timescale for the next steps of your client’s care journey. 

Although some simple cases can be concluded quickly, we also know that individual care journeys can take time, sometimes several months. We will of course make contact sooner if we need to update you on any significant progress on your client’s case where appropriate. You will also receive confirmation of your client’s case completion including the outcomes for your client,  and a full report of any contact we have had from start to finish with your client.

What exactly will KareHero do to help my Client?
  • Your client will get access to our mobile app and care expert team. In tandem, they build a personalised care action plan to support them through their care journey.
  • If a client is searching for care, we will arrange a telephone consultation and help complete a comprehensive ‘Care Plan’ detailing their preferences and needs. This helps us to explore the most suitable care options on their behalf. We will not start the search until your client tells us they are happy with this. We share the Care Plan with potential care providers to assess if they can meet your client’s needs. We will always gain your client’s permission first before sharing.
  • After we have your client’s sign off on the care plan, we will start the care search process (where this is applicable). We will contact suitable care providers in their area and present our findings back to them in their own personal ‘Provider Summary Report’. The timescale for this will be dependent on how soon the care is required and the availability of the providers.

  • Once your client receives their report, they can review this in their own time and come back to us if they would like us to assist in liaising with any of the providers identified to arrange assessments/ visits. They can also do this themselves should they prefer and we will be here to support if required.

  • Where appropriate, we will also arrange a further separate consultation with your client to explore their care funding options focused on the non-regulated side of care funding . This includes any potential entitlement to NHS funding, local Authority funding and later life benefits. We will then present all of our findings back to your client in their own ‘Personalised Care Funding Guide’. We will be sure to share this with you to ensure you are up to date with your client’s financial entitlements. For some of your client’s this may be the only part of the service they require.

  • It is important to note that your client will be able to access the service for 12 months from the date of their referral so don’t worry if their journey takes longer than you first anticipated.
What are your normal business hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm . We do have a voicemail facility outside of these hours, so if your client does call us outside normal opening hours, we can take a message and get back to them as soon as we can. Our app is of course available 24/7, and provides a range of useful information and direction.

Do you fill out Attendance allowance forms on behalf of a client?

Although we do not fill out the forms on your client’s behalf, we are on hand to help guide them through any questions that they may get stuck on and will always help where required. It is important to note however that any formal decision on awarding Attendance Allowance is down to the Department of Work and Pensions. KareHero can only advise, signpost and help facilitate an application. 

Started in summer 2024, the KareHero app will provide an optional support service for clients applying for Attendance Allowance. This will help them complete the form. Once completed, we will print and mail them a copy for their review, ammends, signature, and submission.

Can you help my client understand NHS funding?

We can help your clients to understand if they may have an underlying entitlement to NHS funding for care such as Continuing health care or Funded Nursing Care payments. We will help them better understand what to expect from the assessment process, how to prepare for the assessment process and can also help guide them through this by being on hand to answer any questions that may come up for them during or after this process. It is important to note however that any formal decision on NHS funding is down to the relevant clinical commission group for your client. KareHero can only advise and signpost on this matter.

My client is already in care and in receipt of some benefits. What additional value will my client get from using your service?

Many people we speak to think they are in receipt of the correct benefits/ state funding entitlements when in fact they are not. In fact, it may be that they are not receiving the correct rate of Attendance allowance for example or are missing out on a potential Carer’s Allowance claim. We can help to ensure that your client is in receipt of the correct benefits depending on their situation. We can support them to understand and access the application process and be on hand to answer any questions they may have along the way. 

We can also try to negotiate care home fees or annual interest rates even if your client is already in care.

Will the Care experts be able to complete INA applications once their non regulated care advice has been given?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this as part of this service but may look to offer assistance with this in the future as part of our ongoing service development.

I want to know what my options are for service payment, do I have to pay or can my client pay?

Whilst we appreciate it is not compulsory for you to pay for your client’s service with us, we strongly recommend that you consider doing so. This ensures a much smoother transition between services in what is almost always an already very stressful time for your client. We know from experience that where a partner is paying for the service clients are often much more engaged from the onset which allows us to support them quicker and keep partners more informed about their client’s needs.

As a SOLLA Partner do I get a discount when referring a client to you?

When we first launched the Care Concierge service a discount was applied to SOLLA partner paying referrals as it was expected that less time would be required on client cases. However clients have been eager to access the full service and make full use of the support of the care expert and their knowledge and have therefore been receiving the same full service as a Non-SOLLA referral would.

It is important that we ensure the Care Concierge service remains commercially viable and therefore as of the 1st of December this SOLLA discount will no longer be available.

Our service offers incredible value to both Advisors and clients both in monetary value, time saving and brings much peace of mind in knowing that all non regulated advice has been provided by a care expert.

If I am not SOLLA registered, do I have to liaise with any other SJP partners once my client has received non regulated care advice from KareHero?

If you have obtained your CF8 license and your internal license for long term care, then you do not have to consult with any other SJP partners such as a SOLLA registered partner to then be able to sell your client later life care products after they have finished the service with Care Sourcer.

If you have not obtained your CF8 license and your internal license for long term care and are therefore not registered to operate in the later life care space, you can use KareHero / Care Sourcer to sell later life care products to your client but must consult and liaise with an SJP partner who is registered to operate in the later life care market after your client has used our service.