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Henleigh Hall Care Home

20 Abbey Lane Dell, Sheffield, S8 0BZ

Good - Regulator's rating

62 beds • No en-suite rooms • Opened in 1995
Henleigh Hall Care Home cover

Herries Lodge

2 Teynham Road, Sheffield, S5 8TT

Good - Regulator's rating

47 beds
Herries Lodge cover

Prior Bank House

74 Cherry Tree Road, Sheffield, S11 9AB

Good - Regulator's rating

32 beds • All en-suite • Opened in 1987
Prior Bank House cover

Balmoral Care Home

6 Beighton Road, Woodhouse, Sheffield, S13 7PR

Requires improvement - Regulator's rating

85 beds • No en-suite rooms • Opened in 1990
Balmoral Care Home cover

Abbey Grange Nursing Home

Cammell Road, Firth Park, Sheffield, S5 6UU

Good - Regulator's rating

74 beds • 73 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1990
Abbey Grange Nursing Home cover

Belmont House

Belmont Drive, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 1AH

Good - Regulator's rating

50 beds • 10 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1994
Belmont House cover

Heeley Bank Care Home

Heeley Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 3GL

Requires improvement - Regulator's rating

67 beds • No en-suite rooms • Opened in 2003
Heeley Bank Care Home cover

The Porterbrook

63 Tapton Crescent Road, Sheffield, S10 5DB

Requires improvement - Regulator's rating

44 beds • Opened in 2016
The Porterbrook cover

April Park Nursing Home

West Street, Eckington, Sheffield, S21 4GA

Good - Regulator's rating

40 beds • 8 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1996
April Park Nursing Home cover

Ascot Lodge Nursing Home

48a Newlands Road, Intake, Sheffield, S12 2FZ

Good - Regulator's rating

50 beds • 47 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1995
Ascot Lodge Nursing Home cover

Finding the right care home in Sheffield

Choosing a care home for a loved one can be difficult, however with over 100 care homes in Sheffield, and over 80 of these being rated Good or Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), making the right decision can depend on your loved one’s needs. Here are a few of our top tips to help you narrow your options.

Location, location, location

It is important to find a care home where the resident can feel at home, whether that be moving closer to friends and family, or staying in an area they know well. With over 100 care homes in Sheffield, and great transport links, there will be one to meet your loved ones needs. Cities like Sheffield can offer centrally located homes like Brackenfield Hall, or something a little further out of the city like Henleigh Hall Care Home, situated on the edge of the Peak District. However, it is our advice to think about where people will be visiting from, and ask the care homes directly what public transport options are available.

How to get the 'at home' feeling

As well as thinking about the location, consider how your loved one likes to spend their days and what would make them feel more comfortable in a care home. Would they value having some quiet space to sit and watch the TV or read a book? Do they like to keep sociable and active? Below are a few things to consider that will help make this change as smooth as possible for your loved one:

Care homes with gardens

Does your loved one like to potter in the garden, or take pride in growing vegetables? There are several care homes in Sheffield that are very happy for residents to help care for the outdoor spaces, such as the Abbey Grange Nursing Home. Or perhaps they enjoy just having some space to sit in the afternoon sun with a cup of tea, in which case homes like the Belmont House may have smaller gardens but with lovely seating areas available. Our advice is to think about how much your loved ones use their outdoor space today and ensure when you get a tour of the homes (in person or virtually) you can imagine them at home in the space shown.

Pet friendly care homes

Many care homes in Sheffield have regularly organised ‘therapet’ visits, where calm and friendly dogs and cats visit to provide companionship to animal-loving residents. Some care homes, like Ascot Lodge Nursing Home, allow personal pets to visit frequently, upon appointment with the home manager. So if your loved one is a lover of pets, we always recommend asking care homes about their pet policies.

Care home activities and days out

Most care homes work hard to offer residents a mix of spaces to relax in and spaces that will be a hive of activity. Homes in Sheffield are no different, with many offering a number of on-site facilities including libraries, cinemas, hair salons, cafes and a range of group-based activities. Many also try to offer residents days out to the local Botanical Gardens, Peak District or a matinee at the Lyceum Theatre - when possible of course!

Our expert care guide

For more detailed advice on how to narrow your options and feel confident that you’re selecting the right care home for your loved one, download our expert guide. The guide, written by one of our UK care experts, covers how to understand regulatory ratings, read between the lines in reviews and what you should ask potential care homes when you call to enquire.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many care homes are there in Sheffield?

    There are 103 care homes in Sheffield offering a range of specialisms. If you’re not sure which type of care home is best for you, you can read our guide on how to choose the right care home.

  • How are care homes in Sheffield regulated?

    All care homes in Sheffield are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Of the 103 care homes in Sheffield, 82 have been rated good or above.

  • How many care homes in Sheffield specialise in dementia care?

    There are 69 care homes in Sheffield who offer specialist dementia care for more information on the specific homes, view our dementia care home list.

  • How much do care homes in Sheffield cost?

    On average residential care homes in Yorkshire and The Humber cost £591 per week, with nursing homes costing on average £810 per week. From the care homes in Sheffield who share their prices with us, we can see care home prices starting from £650 per week.

  • What is the difference between nursing homes and residential care homes?

    Residential care homes provide residents with accommodation, meals, and assistance with personal care and medication. However, a nursing care home will also provide medical care from a qualified nurse, including treatment for any illness or injuries.

  • Will I be entitled to local authority funding to help pay for a care home in Sheffield?

    In England, if your total savings and property assets are below £23,250, then you may be able to access local authority funding towards accommodation costs, personal care and nursing care. Read our care home funding article for more advice.

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Average care home costs in Yorkshire and The Humber

Average costs based on LaingBuisson Care of Older People UK report 2019

  • Residential care homes

    £591 per week
  • Nursing care homes

    £810 per week

Funding for care in England

Can I get financial support to help pay for care?

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If your total savings and property assets are below £23,250, then you may be able to access local authority funding towards accommodation costs, personal care and nursing care.

To qualify, you must first arrange a care needs assessment.