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Coniston House Care Home

Coniston Road, Chorley, PR7 2JA

Good - Regulator's rating

43 beds • All en-suite • Opened in 2011
Coniston House Care Home cover

Adelphi Residential Care Home

35 Queens Road, Chorley, PR7 1LA

Good - Regulator's rating

27 beds • Opened in 1989
Adelphi Residential Care Home cover

Jasmine Court

Botany Brow, Chorley, PR6 0JW

Good - Regulator's rating

66 beds • Opened in 2007

Highgrove House

Highfield Road North, Chorley, PR7 1PH

Good - Regulator's rating

43 beds • 4 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1988


Back Lane, Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley, PR6 7EU

Good - Regulator's rating

10 beds • Opened in 2005

Marley Court Care Home Limited

Bolton Road, Heath Charnock, Chorley, PR7 4AZ

Good - Regulator's rating

49 beds

Rivington Park Care Home

206 Eaves Lane, Chorley, PR6 0ET

Good - Regulator's rating

25 beds • Opened in 1990

St Mary's Gate Euxton

25 St Mary's Gate, Euxton, Chorley, PR7 6AH

Good - Regulator's rating

4 beds • Opened in 1993

Teamcare Limited t/a Highcliffe Residential Home

226 Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, PR6 7HW

Good - Regulator's rating

24 beds • 12 en-suite rooms • Opened in 1987

The Grange

Stump Lane, Chorley, PR6 0AL

Good - Regulator's rating

26 beds • Opened in 1989

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many care homes are there in Chorley?

    There are 20 care homes in Chorley offering a range of specialisms. If you’re not sure which type of care home is best for you, you can read our guide on how to choose the right care home.

  • How are care homes in Chorley regulated?

    All care homes in Chorley are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Of the 20 care homes in Chorley, 10 have been rated good or above.

  • How many care homes in Chorley specialise in dementia care?

    There are 13 care homes in Chorley who offer specialist dementia care for more information on the specific homes, view our dementia care home list.

  • How much do care homes in Chorley cost?

    On average residential care homes in North West cost £542 per week, with nursing homes costing on average £852 per week. From the care homes in Chorley who share their prices with us, we can see care home prices starting from £950 per week.

  • What is the difference between nursing homes and residential care homes?

    Residential care homes provide residents with accommodation, meals, and assistance with personal care and medication. However, a nursing care home will also provide medical care from a qualified nurse, including treatment for any illness or injuries.

  • Will I be entitled to local authority funding to help pay for a care home in Chorley?

    In England, if your total savings and property assets are below £23,250, then you may be able to access local authority funding towards accommodation costs, personal care and nursing care. Read our care home funding article for more advice.

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