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12 home care agencies in Orkney Islands

Braeburn Court

Registered Office: Braeburn Court, St. Margaret's Hope, Orkney, KW17 2RR

Good - Regulator's rating

Care at Home Services

Registered Office: Orkney Islands Council, Council Offices, Kirkwall, KW15 1NY

Good - Regulator's rating

Crossroads Care Orkney

Registered Office: Kirkwall Travel Centre, West Castle Street, Kirkwall, KW15 1GU

Very good - Regulator's rating

Disability Resources Support Accommodation Services

Registered Office: Glaitness Centre, 33 Queen Sonja Kloss, Kirkwall, KW15 1FJ

Good - Regulator's rating


Registered Office: 46 Victoria Street, Kirkwall, KW15 1DN

Very good - Regulator's rating

Kalisgarth and Very Sheltered Housing Care at Home

Registered Office: Kalisgarth Care Centre, Pierowall, Orkney, KW17 2DG

Adequate - Regulator's rating

Learning Disabilities Service - Supported Living Network

Registered Office: St. Colm's Building, Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall, KW15 1RP

Adequate - Regulator's rating

Orkney Blide Trust

Registered Office: Laura Grimond House, 54 Victoria Street, Kirkwall, KW15 1DN

Good - Regulator's rating

Orkney Responder Service

Registered Office: 12 Lambaness, Papdale East, Kirkwall, KW15 1XQ

Good - Regulator's rating

Orkney Supported Living

Registered Office: Enable Scotland, Unit 3 Kiln Corner, Kirkwall, KW15 1HS

Good - Regulator's rating

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How many home care agencies are there in Orkney Islands?

There are 12 home care agencies in Orkney Islands, who specialise in offering professional care to the elderly in the comfort of your own home.

How are homes care agencies in Orkney Islands regulated?

All home care agencies in Orkney Islands are regulated by the Care Inspectorate (CI). Of the 12 home care agencies in Orkney Islands, the average rating is good.

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