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Keychange Charity The Mount Care Home

7 Lipson Terrace, Lipson, Plymouth, PL4 7PR


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  • 28 beds

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Types of care provided

  • Residential care

    Accommodation, meals, and assistance with personal care and medication.

  • Dementia care

    Specialist care designed to meet the challenges faced by people living with dementia.

Services and specialisms

  • Caring for adults over 65 yrs
  • Dementia

Care home features

  • 28 beds


Sorry, we don't have prices for this care home - please contact the care home for more details.

Funding for care in England

If your total savings and property assets are below £23,250, then you may be able to access local authority funding towards accommodation costs, personal care and nursing care.

To qualify, you must first arrange a care needs assessment.

Read more about how to fund care

Customer reviews

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4.5 (4 reviews)

  • Vanessa Tyler

    2 years ago
  • Bradley Gill

    2 years ago
  • Amalia Elmasry

    2 years ago
  • jaki chinnock

    3 years ago

Regulator's inspection rating

Overall Requires improvement

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08 Jan 2019

Requires improvement
Requires improvement
Requires improvement
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Requires improvement
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