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Gaydon care provider (1)

Care Home

People in Action - Barnfield

Barnfield, Church Lane, Gaydon, CV35 0EY

Good - Regulator's rating

5 beds • No en-suite rooms • Opened in 1994

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How to book a care needs assessment - and why you should

Been advised to book a care needs assessment? It's one of the first steps on the road to securing the right type of care package...

How to compare care options

Whether you’re seeking care at home, or a care home place, the process for evaluating care providers involves many of the same considerations..

How much does elderly care cost

The cost of paying for care varies depending on the type of care and where you live within the UK...

What is the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

The CQC is an independent regulator for all care providers in England, carrying out regular comprehensive inspections ...

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many elderly care providers are there in Gaydon?

    There is only 1 care provider in Gaydon who specialises in care for the elderly.

  • How are care providers in Gaydon regulated?

    All care providers in Gaydon are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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