UK Care Homes and Home Care Agencies

  1. St Anne's Residential Care Home
  2. St Anne's Residential Care Home
  3. St Anne's Residential Home Limited
  4. St Anne's, Huddersfield Mental Health Services
  5. St Annes Care Home
  6. St Annes Community Services - Northallerton
  7. St Annes Nursing Home
  8. St Annes Residential Care Home
  9. St Anns Care Home
  10. St Anselm's Nursing Home
  11. St Anthony of Padua Care Services
  12. St Anthony's
  13. St Anthony's - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
  14. St Anthony's Care Home
  15. St Anthony's Residential Home (Erdington) Ltd
  16. St Anthony's Residential Home Limited
  17. St Antony's Care Home
  18. St Armands Court
  19. St Aubyns Nursing Home
  20. St Audrey's
  21. St Augustine's Care Home
  22. St Augustines Court Care Home
  23. St Barnabas Southwold
  24. St Bartholomews Court Nursing Home
  25. St Benedicts Ferndale House
  26. St Benedicts Nursing Home Limited
  27. St Benets Court
  28. St Bennett's Care Home
  29. St Bernadettes Nursing Home
  30. St Bernards Residential Care Home Limited
  31. St Brelades
  32. St Brendan's (Care Home)
  33. St Brendan's Care Home
  34. St Brendans Residential Home
  35. St Breock
  36. St Bridget's - Care Home Physical Disabilities
  37. St Bridget's Residential Home
  38. St Bridgets Care Centre
  39. St Brigas Residential Home For Adults with Learning Dissabilities
  40. St Catharines Care Home
  41. St Catherine Care Home
  42. St Catherine Rest Home
  43. St Catherine's Care Centre Limited
  44. St Catherine's Care Home
  45. St Catherine's Care Home
  46. St Catherine's Care Home
  47. St Catherine's View
  48. St Catherines Care Home
  49. St Catherines Nursing Home
  50. St Catherines Nursing Home
  51. St Cecilia
  52. St Cecilia Care Home
  53. St Cecilia's - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
  54. St Cecilia's Care Home
  55. St Christopher's Care Home
  56. St Christopher's Care Home
  57. St Christopher's Home
  58. St Christopher's Home Care Limited
  59. St Christopher's Personal Care Services Ltd
  60. St Christopher's Residential Home
  61. St Christopher's Trust
  62. St Clair Gardens
  63. St Clair House
  64. St Claire's Care Home
  65. St Clare Hospice
  66. St Clare House
  67. St Clare Rest Home
  68. St Clare's Care Home
  69. St Clare's Care Home
  70. St Clare's Court
  71. St Clements Nursing Home
  72. St Clements Nursing Home
  73. St Crispin Village
  74. St Cross Grange
  75. St Cuthberts Care Supported Living
  76. St Cuthberts House
  77. St Cyril's Neurological Care and Rehabilitation Service
  78. St David's Nursing Home
  79. St David's Nursing Home
  80. St Davids Residential Care Home
  81. St Davids Residential Home
  82. St Denis Lodge Residential Home
  83. St Dominic's Court
  84. St Dominic's Nursing Home
  85. St Dominics Residential Home
  86. St Edith's Court
  87. St Edmunds
  88. St Edmunds
  89. St Edmunds Care
  90. St Edmunds Residential Home
  92. St Elizabeth Care Agency
  93. St Elizabeth's Care Home with Nursing
  94. St Elizabeth's Domiciliary Care Agency
  95. St Elmo Care Home
  96. St Faith’s Nursing Home
  97. St Fillans Care Home
  98. St Francis Residential Care Home
  99. St George's (Wigan) Limited
  100. St George's Care Home