About us

Care Sourcer was formed to make a significantly positive impact on people’s lives, during a time when they need help the most. We launched on June 1st 2016 and that same month were approached by BUPA who were keen to join us, describing our new service as “exactly what the care sector needs”. At these very early stages we’ve already supported over a 1000 people looking for care and work with national providers as well as new businesses. Together we are transforming the care sector by bringing choice, control and transparency to the market.

We’re proud to be giving the power back to those who need to find care while allowing providers to operate sustainable businesses. Care is extremely personal and we know exactly what people looking for care not only need but deserve. Both our Co-Founders Andrew McGinley and Andrew Parfery previously owned and managed care services and so know just how hard those within care work. Our entire team are impassioned in the belief that the care sector can be fixed, each and every care request for help matters to us, which we hope shows.

“There have been countless notable moments so far, one example would be while I was working with the team in one of the hospitals. We were referred an urgent end of life request with a two hour window to arrange the care and if we unable to achieve this it was likely the patient wouldn’t have been able to return home with their family for their last days together. Our technology allowed this to happen and the sheer relief of the family could be felt when they knew their loved one was going to return home that evening.

It showed how caring the sector can be, NHS staff trying their best to give us the most up-to-date information, the family expressing their needs and a care provider that knew how important it was to get someone home. This was all brought together by our product to achieve something so meaningful.”

CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew McGinley

Meet the team

Andrew McGinley, CEO and Co-Founder

I feel our service allows all dynamics of the care sector to benefit. Care seekers can find the care they need easily and quickly. Providers benefit from market visibility and ensuring available capacity is always being met and the NHS benefits from safely discharging patients to the correct care setting. It’s mainly about being able to help people on a daily basis. I love coming to work knowing I have a team that have believed in my vision and we’re collectively working to solve this problem together, it’s pretty powerful.

Growing up with my brother Paul has undoubtedly had a positive impact on me. Paul has had a disability since birth which has impacted him and my family in many different ways (good and bad). Growing up around Paul and other people with disabilities, having to regularly visiting hospitals, speak to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals has probably had a bigger influence on my work in the care sector than I had realised. Paul has always been determined to not let his disability be who is and he has achieved so much with this mentality. If I take his determination into Care Sourcer and channel it to help others it will always keep me on track.

Charles Harley, Chief Technical Officer

My ambition is for Care Sourcer to be mentioned in the same league as Money Supermarket or other similar services because of the valuable resource it is for the care marketplace. Friends of mine talk about going to Moneysupermarket to get help on a complex topic that they don’t have much knowledge about. For them it is a valuable resource that they encourage others to use.

This is probably hard to imagine but in my teens I used to go into hospitals and care homes and sing for them as part of a group from the church I attended when we lived in South Africa. I’m not a great singer so I mainly just played the guitar alongside my father. Our singing didn’t do much to alter their circumstances long term but for many it seemed to lift their spirits, even for just a couple minutes, and that was worth it. Seeing people in need like that really softens the heart and makes you want to help them as much as you can.

Greig Johnstone, National Operations Manager, NHS

Making care seekers and family members understand that we are here to help and the feeling you get when you assist care seekers in finding an appropriate care provider in a timely manner are for me the best aspects of my role. We cannot underestimate the positive impact that we can have at this really daunting, difficult and stressful time during the care seeker’s, family members and loved ones time of need.

I was in a situation 11 months ago where my grandmother was in hospital following a fall. My grandmother has Dementia and the hospital environment proved to be very disturbing for her and my grandfather, who is blind. Unfortunately, it took 7 weeks to find a space in a community hospital for rehab, and then a further 9 weeks to find a suitable care at home provider which allowed my grandmother to be discharged home. At the same time, we could not find a care at home provider for my grandfather so the family worked to a care schedule which was demanding to help my grandfather as he was on his own for the first time in decades. This brought a huge amount of strain on to my family and one which took in my eyes far too long.

Grant Smith, Commercial Director

There’s no doubt in my mind that Care Sourcer will help transform the care sector. By taking an end to end view, rather than just a section of the market, Care Sourcer will allow timely quality care to become the norm for all. Having witnessed first hand the incredibly stressful environment for both nursing staff and patients, it has given me added impetus to get involved with a company whose goal is to improve the experience for all.

Charlie McCulloch, Principal Product Designer

I’m glad that the work I do is helping people’s families in real need every single day.

Duncan Blair, Software Engineer

For me, it’s the time pressure that all too often comes with arranging care that is most concerning. Seekers very rarely have prior experience of the care system and yet often have to reach decisions on behalf of loved ones extremely quickly. Helping to build a service that can guide people through that and leave them feeling better equipped to reach the right decisions is hugely rewarding.

Andrew Parfery, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

In the next five years I truly believe it will be the norm for you to have to find and fund your own care. Care sourcer will be there and become the glue that connects millions of people looking for care and the 27,000 providers in the U.K.

The guilt I felt when we couldn’t find a care provider for my Dad to bring him home from hospital in his final days was crushing. We were fortunate we could bus carers through from another area where we had our own care service. That meant my mum could be with him 24/7 in their own home. Thousands are not so lucky and we are fighting for them.

Graham Jones, Chief Operating Officer

How we look after our elderly people is one of the most important problems of our generation. Care Sourcer can’t solve all those problems but by working with like-minded and innovative people we can start to move the industry in a positive direction.

My grandfather, a source of loveable rogue stories from serving in the Desert Rats and growing up in the Welsh valleys, was able to maintain his pride and humour by carers coming to look after him in his home. This was very important to a man who had had to fend for himself from the age of 6 when he lost both his parents.

Rosie McGinley, Care Seeker Ambassador

Having worked in the care at home setting for a number of years, I know first hand how difficult the whole process of a loved one requiring care can be – to be able to support people throughout the journey and make it even a little bit easier feels like a real privilege. My mum, in my opinion is the most wonderful person and has had the most positive impact on me. To this day, she tells me regularly that she is my ‘number one fan’.

Tony Purcell, Digital Marketing Technologist

For a number of years I’ve been keen to find a way of making more of a contribution to society as part of my daily work. Being part of the Care Sourcer team definitely satisfies that desire. I feel great satisfaction, when we have helped find a care home, for an individual in difficult circumstances, where others have tried and failed over many months. Care Sourcer will transform the sourcing of care making the process much more efficient, in addition it will help drive up the quality of care provided to those in need.

I was very close to my maternal grandmother as a young boy, she was very caring and kind but throughout my childhood suffered a number of chronic health conditions. For a number of years my mother provided in-home care to my grandmother, care services were non-existent where we lived at the time. One of the saddest days of my youth was having to say goodbye to her in hospital as my parents and I left the country to go and live abroad, I knew even at a young age she was dying.

Steven King, Software Engineer

Knowing that we are using technology in a kind and empathetic way to help people find care at a critical time for them makes Care Sourcer different to a regular software job. Having spent time in hospital, I’m aware of the importance of finding appropriate care in preparation for being discharged.

Sarah Hough, Principal Copywriter

On a daily basis we help people find the care they need, people that are often stressed and feel out of options. We provide them a variety of care options coupled with much needed support.
Having spent time in hospital I’m acutely aware of the amount of stress any such situation can have on both the individual and their loved ones.

Leann Huntley, Care Matcher

I really like the positivity and passion that thrives within the company. Being part of Care Sourcer, I feel I can do my bit in raising the quality of communication patients, their families and care providers receive. Contributing to reducing delayed discharge and enhancing the patient experience.

Nic Thompson, Business Development Manager

Most people are unaware of the time it takes to find care. During what is a challenging and emotional time in their lives, we take the stress out of the process allowing people to focus their attention on the most important thing – the person who requires care. My Grandma required care in the later years of her life so I know first hand how difficult this time is. It will never be easy however at Care Sourcer, we bridge the gap and offer the seeker choice. It’s truly rewarding to be part of a company that is having such a positive impact on so many.